About Us

Mintins New Material&Technology Co.,Ltd is focusing on developing, manufacturing outdoor materials &fabrics. We are the only member of global supply system of SPRADLING, which is the top brand of high rank outdoor/marine fabrics, in China and biggest in Asia-Pacific.

Since 1959, Spradling has offered creative and professional solutions for nearly every aspects of decoration to enhance people’s living environment. With products specifically engineered to meet the needs of the Healthcare, Marine, School Bus, Automotive, Hospitality, Corporate Seating, and General Upholstery markets, We are well prepared and flexible to support a diverse target market.

Leading Product

Leading Product

The combination of Spradling’s market experience, award winning design expertise, and unique production capabilities, extensive cutting-edge coating technology, along with our ISO certifications, ensure that ever-changing market trends are always recognized.For over 50 years the name Spradling® has stood for the highest quality in the manufacture and sale of coated fabrics.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

We have Silverguard® bacterial protection, Permaguard® coating, which against germs, abrasion and stains. Using various patented technologies, our fabrics have special properties to make them particularly suitable for use in challenging areas of different markets.

Our Service

Our Service

We are a global company acting as your local partner. We focus on customer service, reliable quality assurance, perfect product use and maintenance guidelines, provide high-quality product services to each customer. Also the professional service teams around the world can provide professional technical solutions and product design consulting with product sales, respond to the specific requirements of manufacturers and design firms, help to purchase and make recommendations.

Vision and History

The starting point and solid foundation of MINTINS come from TINS CHEMICAL, the one of earliest PVC leather enterprises in modern China. For many colleagues of MINTINS, Mr. Tian Jiabing, the founder of TINS, not only made us understand the principle of excellent management, but also taught us to care for others and society. Its spiritual concept extends to the company's employees, working environment and product supply. Now, being a member of global supply and service system of SPRADLING, MINTINS represents a company with deep accumulation and future-oriented.

Our Vision

Becoming a international top class functional fabric service provider

Brand and Value

In order to achieve our mission, we have been adhering to the four core values of brand building to help us provide each customer with the best quality products, services and high-performance fabric solutions.


Continuous search for advanced technology to improve the performance and quality of our products


We maintain the spirit of enterprise as always, devote to innovation, and provide customized solutions for various industries and markets


Our products comply with international quality certifications, and have reliable guarantees


Continuous improvement of product quality and service experience enables us to meet the changing needs of customers and build a evergreen brand.

Global Presence

Global Presence

A globally distributed sales and service network focuses on meeting the needs of customers around the world.